What I Talk

🎙️ JavaScript Engine V8

A session focused on Javascript V8 Engine. This session is about the internal workings of the V8 Engine

🎙️ Stepping into the world of Open Source

An introductory session to GitHub and open source community.

🎙️ Let's Git Together

A session focused on GitHub and Hacktoberfest for beginners.

🎙️ Better Web Performance

Gave a talk on Performance, How to improve your website performance and User Experience by using Adaptive loading.

🎙️ Chrome devTools

Gave a brief overview of how to use Chrome devtools, how to use it as an IDE, how to debug your application and more.

🎙️ Javascript 101

Session for beginners, where I talked about the basics of Javascript.

🎙️ What's new Chrome and devTools

A Web.dev LIVE Islamabad event where I gave an overview of some latest amazing features and improvements made in Chrome and devTools