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Hi 👋
I'm Arsalan 👨‍💻

Learn. Build. Open Source.

Helping people learn web technologies.

Arsalan Khattak

👨‍💻 Aboutme

Arsalan is a university senior and a full stack developer, his interest lies in web technologies and that's the topic you'll often find him talking about on social media. He also loves to teach people what he knows and help them grow, which is why he does a lot of public speaking, live streams, and blogging.

Arsalan is currently working at MLH Fellowship and has live-streamed for companies like Github and The Forum Community ( and He has also delivered sessions at Microsoft Reactor. Moreover, his love for teaching convinced him to join different tech communities such as GitHub Campus Expert, Microsoft Student Ambassador, Google DSC (2021).

Advocacy and focused on teaching others. Learn about Arsalan's past 10 years of journey